PDRL Fellowship Program

Fly Your Drone with AeroGCS

What is the PDRL Fellowship Program?

The PDRL Fellowship Program, “Fly Your Drone with AeroGCS,” is an initiative designed to promote innovation and research in drone technology. This program provides a platform for students to explore the potential of drones in various fields, including agriculture, surveillance, defence, and logistics. The focus is on fostering creativity, technical skills, and teamwork with an emphasis on Made in India technology.

What it Offers?


Free online training sessions on AeroGCS software, covering key topics like flight control, mission planning, and data analysis.


Technical workshops that cover the hardware aspects of drones, including components, assembly, and maintenance.


Financial support for successful participants, with Rs. 10,000/- for individuals and Rs. 25,000/- for groups of up to three students.


Certificates of Achievement or Participation for all participants who complete the program.

How it Works?

1. Registration

Pay the registration fee (Rs. 499/- for individuals, Rs. 999/- for groups, plus GST) and submit required documents, including a recommendation letter and a recorded video presentation.

2. Application Review

The PDRL team reviews all applications and selects participants based on their project proposals, presentations, and recommendation letters.

3. Training and Workshops

Selected participants attend online training sessions and technical workshops to build their skills in drone technology.

4. Build and Fly Drones

Participants use AeroGCS software to build and fly their drones within a designated timeframe. All flying logs must be synchronized with the AeroGCS Enterprise platform.

5. Fellowship Claim

After successful flights and synchronized logs, participants can claim their fellowship amount. PDRL will review the claims and process it within 15 working days.

Eligibility for the PDRL Fellowship Program

To be eligible for the PDRL Fellowship Program, students must meet the following criteria:


Enrollment in an accredited Polytechnic or Engineering program in relevant fields like Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Tele-Communications, Computer Science, Information Technology, Robotics, or AI & Data Science. Completion of at least the first year of the program is required.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Experience with drone-related projects, internships, or training is beneficial but not mandatory.

Recommendation Letter

A letter from a Head of Department (HOD) or Principal attesting to the student’s abilities and work ethic.

Application Evaluation Methodology

The evaluation process for the fellowship program is designed to ensure a comprehensive assessment of each application. It includes:

Project Proposal Evaluation

The initial assessment focuses on the originality, feasibility, and potential impact of the proposed project. Clarity of objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes are key factors.


A recorded video presentation is required, detailing the project’s application, drone configuration, and team information.

Recommendation Letters

Qualitative insights into the participant’s capabilities, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Fellowship Program Period

The evaluation process for the fellowship program is designed to ensure a comprehensive assessment of each application. It includes:

Academic Year: 2024-25

Duration: One year

Registration and Contact Information

To participate in the PDRL Fellowship Program, click on the link below and process the payment.
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