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We are on the forefront on consumer driven technology innovations in RPAS’s.

AeroFC Autopilot

An NPNT triple redundant flight controller for RPAS.


A multi-mission drone management ground control software that offers simplicity.


AeroFC Autopilot on Fixed Wing Plane

Autonomous Flight with AeroFC


Awards & Accolades

PDRL bagged the Golden Award at International Automation Expo 2019.


The wide spread impact of the Corona virus pandemic on people, economies and governments across the globe isn’t

Dual Navigation (GPS) Sensors on Drones Explained Drone or UAV waypoint navigation systems are more advanced than the navigation

India’s first electric vertical take-off & landing technology based autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV), is soon to be introduced

We are in an era marked by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence. Cars that drive themselves,

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