PDRL engages with SNJB College of Engineering, Chandwad for field demonstration and training program

PDRL is deeply committed to supporting professionals in the dynamic and rapidly advancing drone industry. Our primary goal is to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this field. Our focus lies in providing hands-on experience with the AeroMegh platform, ensuring proficiency in its functionalities and applications. As a testament to our commitment, PDRL recently conducted on field demonstrations of PCDP for the team “SNJB College of Engineering, Chandwad”. By participating in these activities, they gained valuable insights into the practical aspects of PCDP program. Our recent engagement with “SNJB College of Engineering, Chandwad” exemplifies our dedication to enhancing the capabilities of individuals and teams within the drone industry.

Here are the Photos of the SNJB College of Engineering, Chandwad