Team PDRL at Dr. Moonje Institute of Management & Computer Studies, Nashik

Dr. Moonje Institute of Management & Computer Studies, Nashik has invited team PDRL on 2nd February 2024, to deliver the expert session on ‘Drone Awareness‘ for the students of MCA.
Mr. Nikhil Baravkar has delivered the session with topics covering Basics of Drone, Various Drone Applications, Overall Drone Economy and Career Opportunities for students in Drone Industry.
He has given an overview of the AeroMegh Professional Community, appealing students to join our community & take maximum advantage of the platform.
Nikhil took this opportunity to interact with students and encouraged them to participate in AeroGCS Global Competition.
After the session, Nikhil & Feroz interacted with students and addressed their queries regarding  Drone Technology as well as AeroGCS Global Competition.

Here are the Photos of the Drone Awareness Session.