Report of Seminar at NDMVP’s KBT COE, Nashik

The seminar on “Introduction of Drone Technology” was organized by the E&TC department for students from the E&TC, IT, Instrumentation, and Civil departments of the institute on 18th October 2022 at 11.00 am in Civil Seminar Hall. The seminar was attended by more than 150 students and a few staff members.

The objectives of this seminar were:

  • To explore the basic concepts of drone technology
  • To understand the benefits of the drone industry to the engineering students

The seminar commenced with a speech by Mr. Vishal Dharankar, CTO, PDRL. He gave insights of the company and motivate the students to serve the drone industry. He enlightened the students about the opportunities in this field. Mrs. Vaishali with Mr. Avinash explained the theoretical and practical aspects of drone technology in detail with the simulator and software developed by the company. Job opportunities for engineering in the drone industry were explained. Also mentioned the importance of subjects like image processing, signal processing, AI, and ML in the development of drone applications.

Here are the Photos of Seminar at NDMVP’s KBT COE, Nashik