PDRL’s 5th Foundation Day

Marking half a Decade of Excellence: Commemorating PDRL’s 5th Foundation Day at The Gateway Hotel, Nashik on 26th October 2023. It’s been a remarkable journey defined by innovation and an unwavering commitment to enhancing lives. Over past five years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating transformative solutions that gift more cherished moments for people to truly savor life.

This year has been a testament to growth, continuous learning and the realization of boundless possibilities. We are immensely grateful to our dedicated PDRL Co-Owners who believed in our vision and made these years a resounding achievement. Our success is also indebted to our steadfast investors, strategic partners, loyal clients, esteemed academic institutions and  all of whom have been integral to fueling our journey of progress.

In this spirit of celebration, we took a moment to shine a spotlight on our outstanding PDRL employees, recognizing their exceptional contributions with well-deserved awards. These individuals have demonstrated excellence and dedication, embodying the core values that drive PDRL towards brighter future. Here’s to many more years of success and innovation ahead.

Here’s a Glimpse of Foundation Day Event!