Authorized Training Partners

Authorized Training Partners

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Narangarh Girls High School. Village: Narangarh, Post Office - Narangarh. Police Station- Jankia. Block: Khorda, Dist: Khorda,odisha PIN-752018

DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Limited is an end-to-end data solutions provider situated in Pune, Maharashtra, as well as a DGCA-approved drone pilot training organization. To help its clients make more informed business decisions, the company is dedicated to offering only the most reliable information. They conducted over 40 UAV-based surveys covering over 10,000 sq. km of area, allowing for detailed 2D/3D mapping, profiling, cut and fill analysis, volume estimations, crop health monitoring, and temporal change detection over a wide range of land parcels.

DroneAcharya is a rapidly expanding company that has trained over 400 students to become DGCA-approved drone pilots in just 15 months. DroneAcharya is the first Indian drone startup to go public and be listed on BSE-SME. They also have office locations in the US, Netherlands, Thailand, and the Indian cities of Bangalore and Chandigarh.