StartUp Ka Mahakumbh, 2024

Team PDRL was incredibly excited to participate in Startup Ka Mahakubh 2024, hosted at Yashobhoomi in Delhi. The event provided a platform for us to showcase India’s leading GCS software, AeroGCS. We were thrilled by the enthusiastic reception and interest we received from attendees.

At the event, we highlighted AeroGCS, India’s leading GCS Software designed for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, power, solar, survey, and defense sectors. This underscored our deep expertise and commitment to innovation in drone technology. The event offered us a valuable opportunity to engage with industry leaders, enthusiasts, and potential partners, further solidifying our mission to drive excellence and revolutionize various sectors with AeroGCS. We are eagerly looking forward to leveraging this momentum to propel our innovations and make a significant impact in the drone industry and beyond.

Here are the Photos of the StartUp Ka Mahakumbh, 2024