PDRL Partner Meet

PDRL partner meet is a gathering of the partners from varied sectors to contribute and strategize for mutual growth. Partner meetings that bring together multiple organization to create wonderful synergies.

PDRL Partner Meet was held at Fairfield by Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru on 25th May, 2023. This meet was attended by various reputed companies. Among the notable attendees were- Mr Meganathan from Hravel Channel, Mr Arvindh from Haveli UAV’s, Mr Rajeshwar from Clear water Dynamics, Mr Shreyas from Clear water Dynamics, Mr Anand from Lawerence and Mayo, Mr Ranagaraju from Lawerence and Mayo, Mr Roy from DataKrew, Mr Manish and Mr Shivakumar from Multiplex Drones.

The main Objectives of PDRL Partner Meet.

Mutual Growth Opportunities
PDRL Partner meet is an initiative to invite various partners across India to the table to join hands to explore mutual growth opportunities.

11X Growth
PDRL is on a mission of 11X, it means when a partner contributes to our 11X mission, it will be falling in the growth of the partners as well.

Empowerment with Technology
PDRL will be empowering partners with the finest technology stack.

Customer Challenges
Challenges faced by customers and solutions provided by PDRL would be discussed at this platform to penetrate credibility of PDRL products.

Here are the Photos of the PDRL Partner Meet