The AeroGCS is a multi-mission unmanned drone management system developed to offer simplicity. Whether you are an experienced drone pilot or an amateur, you can plan your missions without the need to get into complications BUT focus on your mission needs.

Distinct Features

NPNT Visibility

Get the NPNT Compliance visibility. See the mission approval status and other details sent by the authority.

Accident Avoidance

AeroGCS has a built-in anti-rogue mechanism that restricts your UAV from faulting and flying off the geo-fence.

Cloud Integration

AeroGCS comes with cloud integration with which the mission files are directly uploaded to the cloud. This helps save data loss.


Don’t pay a hefty subscription fee for using AeroGCS. Our pay-as-you-grow billing model helps you keep your pockets full.

Improved Flight Management

AeroGCS offers improved flight management capabilities. You can create, save, track, monitor, delete and repeat flights with ease.

Built-in NPNT

AeroGCS has an NPNT stack that takes you off the hassles of complying with DGCA’s Digisky platform.

Detailed Features

Simplest Interface

A simple GUI that offers best user experience and ease of operations.

Log Management

AeroGCS takes away your hassles of maintaining flight logs of your missions. You can access it anytime when needed.

Built-in NPNT

AeroGCS automates the NPNT process for you, so that you focus only on your missions.

Plan Now & Fly Later

With AeroGCS, plan your missions, get the approvals and Fly your mission later.

Re-Launch Flights

AeroGCS offers saving of mission plans and re-launch them whenever required. It saves time to re-plan and carry out the same mission from the past.

Manage Multiple Projects

AeroGCS comes with project management features where you can create and manage different projects independently. It helps you track progress and generate project-wise reports.

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Be sure, you would find it very easy to plan & execute your missions!

System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
CPU x-64 based i3 7020U @2.4GHz or more preferred for 60-FPS velvet-smooth UI x-64 based i5 @1.9GHz
Graphics Internal graphics Intel or NVIDIA graphics of 1GB RAM
Ports USB2.0 USB2.0
OS Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Linux-Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Windows 10 or Linux- Ubuntu18.04.3
Network Connectivity LAN or Wifi LAN or Wifi
Screen Resolution 1366×768 or1920x1080 1366×768 with Landscape orientation



What are the supported firmware's?

AeroGCS supports PX4 & Ardupilot.

Do I need to manually get NPNT permissions for every flight?

No, it’s done by AeroGCS.

What are the supported OS & platforms?

As of now we support Windows 10.

Is there a mobile application of AeroGCS?

AeroGCS mobile application is in development and would soon be available. However, the current version of the program can be ported on mobile.

If we use any GCS other then AeroGCS, do we get the NPNT compliance?

PDRL GCS can be used for NPNT Compliance, while the others can be used as assistant GCS.

Are the logs sent directly to DGCA or are they first downloaded in the GCS?

Communication with DGCA is done through management server. All NPNT logs are shared by firmware to GCS and then GCS to management server and then to DGCA.

Which version of Ardupilot is supported?

AeroGCS supports ver. 3.6. Support for ver. 4.0 will be available shortly.


Plan & Fly Your UAV Missions at Ease!