What is an RFM Provider and its role in NPNT?

The definition of an RFM (Registered Flight Module) provider can be found in DGCA guidance manual in section #1.3 at page #34. As per DGCA, Registered Flight Module Provider is used to refer an RPAS manufacturer or any agency who has partnered with the drone manufacturer to manage digital certificates and related software/security aspects of the registered flight module. Let’s understand it in detail. A primary and the most critical role in NPNT is of the RFM provider.

Is NPNT Compliance a Burden? Think Again…

DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) has defined NPNT i.e. No Permission No Take-off as a mandatory compliance for all RPA’s in India. As part of this compliance, the RPA must seek permission from the Digital Sky platform for each flight before take-off.  The permission is granted in the form of Permission Artefact (PA) from the Digital Sky platform. Primarily, NPNT has following three functions. Permission Control – As part of Permission Artefact, the RPA gets geo-fence within which the RPA must