Prototype Testing

Checkout the testing videos of eVTOL UAV’s here.


Our product development has been divided into 4 primary phases, namely:

In the prototype phase, PDRL is developing the product split into 9 stages. This is based on build, learn and evolve methodology.

Alpha product phase will ensure development of PDRL’s AeroHans 2S with all defined specifications. During the last phase of Alpha, PDRL will conduct human testing as well.

Beta phase will be released for customer testing. During this phase, a number of inputs on various parameters will be captured and implemented in the Production Phase.

Production of the Air Taxi will start from Jan 2023-24.

Prototype Stages

The prototype phase has been further split into 9 stages. Details are shown below:

Development Plan and status

Here’s an overview of our Planned vs Current Status of development.

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