Welcome To PDRL

A drone technology company offering best-in-class products & services for Enterprise. Defence and Law Enforcement needs of autonomous UAV's.

More Time to
Live for Everyone

We at PDRL think, simplicity brings freedom, freedom to focus on what matters most. Simplicity in technology makes your life and business fun, so we focus on creating simple yet powerful solutions for drone industry creating more time to live. While creating this social value, we are aiming to generate wealth of $15 billion in next 12 years for our people, partners, and investors.

Simplest Software

We know what matters the most to our customers, keeping this in mind we have built software solutions using cutting edge technology. They are interesting, engaging yet simple and user friendly, because we know that they are part of life of our customers.
Everyone is valuable for

Team Strength

Every goal can be achieved only with dedication, commitment towards vision, continuous efforts and talent. At PDRL, we work as a family where every single opinion matters and effort is appreciated. Each of us is very well aligned to the vision to contribute in long journey for social values and wealth creation.

Our Finest Product
Drone Management Software

AeroGCS is trusted by 1000s of drone pilots and many drone manufacturers.
Built for simplicity with end-to-end security, multiple integrated cloud services,
AeroGCS helps to plan drone flights in few seconds using wizard flow. The
only commercially available drone management software with L1 compliance
of DGCA, with defence edition and supporting BVLOS flights.

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Our Finest Product
Drone Automation and Data Analytics

Our Massively Scalable AeroMegh SaaS Platform for Drone Automation and Data Analytics Globally available and preferred drone automation and drone data analytics platform offering. AeroMegh platform offers multiple services.

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Founder and CTO

Vishal Dharankar who laid down all the technical foundation for PDRL products and services, took it to a level and is proud of his team, holds 16 years of solid experience in Software industry in various domains.
Four times Nokia Developer Champion with passion for everything computer science and electronics holds and aligns himself to CEO’s vision to take PDRL products and services to next level. Vishal strongly believes in team work and has worked with many small and medium sized startups before and helped them succeed.


PDRL strongly believes in co-owners’ concept. Everyone working in PDRL is co-owner of the company. Co-ownership gives equal opportunity of growth to everyone. When everyone in the organization becomes the co-owner of the company and aligns himself with common vision of the company, then goals are achieved happily. The joy of achieving goal together as team, inspires us to be more integrated and more social.