Kisan Biz Event

PDRL Participated at the Kisan Biz Event, held in CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Centre, Navi Mumbai on 11th & 12th Oct, 2022 in Collaboration with Hella Infratech.

We presented One-Bucket Solutions that Transform Drone Data into Actionable Insights. Thoughtfully designed Precision Agriculture Solutions with Drone Data Analytics to ease down efforts and optimize usage of resources by delivering maximum output.

Smart Agriculture Solutions

  • Digitalization of Farms
  • Calculation of Various Vegetation Indices
  • Plant Health Monitoring
  • Precision Farming with Drone Spraying
  • Smart Spraying with Analytics
  • Prediction of Yield Production
  • RGB and Multispectral Data Analytics
  • Visualization and Reports

There’s More to it!

Here are the Photos of Kisan Biz Event.