Emergence of EVTOL in Flying Cars to Boost Jobs

We are in an era marked by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence. Cars that drive themselves, machines that read X-rays and algorithms that respond to customer-service inquiries – the technology-driven world in which we live is filled with promises. As these technologies increase productivity and improve our lives, the future beholds many such employment opportunities that will be focused to easing human life.

Automation and the New World of Work

When we are speaking about automation and powerful new technologies, autonomous driving cars are the news makers. Many companies both large and small are increasingly participating in revolutionising the automobile industry by making flying cars a reality and an attempt to reshape the way we commute.

Looking at the potential of automation, it is quite obvious that the future will have more employment opportunities in the automation stream.

With the internet filled with the news about the Urban Air Mobility and Flying Cars Ready for Take-Off – many ambitious companies are designing plans to launch flying taxi services in the next few years. The eVTOL technology in flying cars is also gaining traction. Design concept for an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is soon set to whisk passengers to and fro. Commuters would ride in car to the nearest “vertical air tower” say an eVTOLpad on a skyscraper flying in an autonomous, electric aircraft to another tower. He will then get chauffeured the last few miles to the destination.

As per most sources and researches eVTOL vehicles will be quieter, safer, and cheaper than traditional helicopters. Plus travelling by to the air instead of the roads will ease traffic. There are also researches and prototypes revolving around battery-powered aircraft that `will limit pollution. As per the Electric VTOL News the technology highlights an incredible assurance and progress of electric and hybrid-electric powered eVTOL aircrafts.

eVTOL & Employment Opportunities

Looking at all the above upcoming technology and innovations, the future shines bright for autonomous and automation industry. Once the flying car model gets finalised the results shall reveal a rich mosaic of potential shifts in occupations in the years ahead. As most sources point the commencement of flying cars soon by 2020 many of the aviation’s biggest manufacturers have already assigned engineers to work upon the designs and prototypes.

On Demand Urban Air Transport business success is based on transporting people from point “A” to “B” in a more efficient and user-friendly manner. Companies are amassing a huge database of urban origin and destination (O&D) data that would be the envy of any transportation engineer or urban planner. Companies are approaching many aircraft equipment manufacturers to help realize its vision of urban air mobility. Many companies have already started looking for partners that can meet its technology specifications — electric-powered, minimal noise, and vertical take-off and landing capabilities.

So, it is a good opportunity for millennia today to rethink their path of career. As there will be a need of jobs in company that can scale production to build tens of thousands of vehicles to meet the demand of on-demand service of these firms.

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