Dual Navigation (GPS) Sensors on Drones Explained

Drone or UAV waypoint navigation systems are more advanced than the navigation systems used in the handheld devices. The navigation sensors (IRNSS/GPS/GLONAS etc.) with the help of satellites tells a device its location in a two or three dimensional space. Incase of drones, the navigation system plays a crucial role in maintaining stability, heading, altitude and speed.
With the help of the sensors, an RPAS can be programmed to follow certain routes, generally referred to as co-ordinates when planning a flight. Especially in autonomous flights, flight planning involves the take-off point, climb to a pre-defined altitude, waypoints, destination/landing point and return-to-home (RTH). All these functions are carried out using the reference points by GPS locations.
At times when you use a single navigation sensor, there are possibilities of noise or disturbances in the readings received. This may be due to various factors, which eventually leads to incorrect data that affects the flight in various ways. A way to optimize the data is by using dual navigation sensors on a UAV.

Dual GPS sensors offer enhanced reliability and works as a failsafe mechanism for a drone. Otherwise with a single GPS, there’s a risk of failure, resulting to crashes and what not. When mounted on a drone, both the sensors are in active state, which means both the sensors give the co-ordinates to the Autopilot. Using Kalman filter, the signal output is derived that has less to no noise hence offering accurate readings for the drone to carryout stable flights. Dual sensors helps achieve higher accuracy making it possible to have a suitable navigation estimation even in the regions that have electromagnetic interferences and fields.

AeroFC with Dual GPS Support

AeroFC Autopilot offers the facility to attach dual GPS sensors for drones of various configurations. Redundant GPS ports on the flight controller enables a flight with higher stability, performance and efficiency. With RTK algorithms, AeroFC enables flights to carry out missions even incase of low GPS signals intensity offering drones flight safety.

Apart from support for dual GPS, AeroFC also comes with triple redundant IMU sensors for additional performance outputs. We will cover that in a separate topic, so stay tuned.

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