The wide spread impact of the Corona virus pandemic on people, economies and governments across the globe isn’t hidden from anyone. Governments, medical fraternity, health organisations are facing the highest magnitude of stress during the current health crisis. Tech-enabled solutions are helping ease the pressure to some extent. And drone robots along with AI, ML, Big Data are a few technologies that are assisting Governments fight the pandemic.

The key to tackle the outbreak is Find, Quarantine, Treat and Isolate people. And drones are playing an eminent role in this, especially to find people, Treat or disinfect areas and Isolate mobs.

Finding people using Drones

Drones fitted with various visual and thermal sensors are being used by Governments to find people gatherings in areas where the authorities have declared curfews. Drones are helping authorities find mobs on roads, shops and other public places from safe distances, reducing risks to law enforcement officials. With these drones patrolling has been efficient and effective for the officials.

The thermal sensors are helping medical authorities monitor and identify people with non-permissible temperature range, who are then been isolated and taken over for treatments by the medical authorities and staff.

Drones fitted with loud speakers are helping authorities instruct people from safe distances who otherwise would have got exposed to a higher risk of infections.

Spraying drones for treating the infected areas with disinfectants

Spraying drones that were used for agricultural purposes are being mobilized for disinfecting public spaces. These drones are being used to disinfect public squares, roads, parks and residential establishments.

Delivery Drones for logistics supplies

Drones with a capability of transporting higher payloads have also been used to deliver test samples, medical supplies and other essential equipment’s drastically reducing the response times.

In an outbreak of the magnitude of coronavirus (COVID-19) robots and drones could become an increasingly essential support for Governments in fighting the health crisis.

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