Advance Your Career in the
Drone Industry

Advance Your Career in the
Drone Industry

Discover the opportunities and potential of the booming drone industry in our insightful webinar, “Advance Your Career in the Drone Industry.” This webinar is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how the drone industry is revolutionizing various sectors and creating job opportunities.

Why Attend?

  • Explore Industry Growth: Learn how the drone industry is advancing across multiple sectors and creating significant job opportunities.
  • Understand Technological Impact: Discover how drone technology is streamlining processes and transforming industries.
  • Career Advancement: Gain insights into how you can leverage these advancements to elevate your career.

What We'll Cover:

  • Introduction to the Drone Industry: Learn about the potential, significance, and various applications of drones.
  • Vision for the Drone Industry: Get a glimpse into the future and the exciting developments on the horizon.
  • Current Scenario: Understand the present state of the drone industry and emerging trends.
  • PDRL Certification Program: Discover how our certification can enhance your skills and credentials.
  • PDRL Fellowship Program: Learn about the fellowship program designed to foster innovation and professional growth.

Meet Our Speakers

Lead Presenter

Vishal Joshi

Head of Training and Certification


Vishakha Vinze

Marketing Officer

Watch the Recording

Webinar Date: 10th July 2024, Wednesday

The webinar duration is 60 mins and will be concluded with a Q/A session.
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