Key Features of AeroFC

AeroFC autopilot hardware, is an open architecture flight controller for RPA’s.

High Speed STM32

F7, 216MHz Processor

Open source compatibility

Ardupilot & PX4

Light Weight

85 gms

Operating Temperature

-20° C to +55° C


Isolated & Dampened


Custom software

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Weight 85g
Power Consumption Normal 3.3W
Max 4.8W
Dimensions (in mm) 102.3×50.0x28.7
Hovering Accuracy Vertical: ±0.5m
Horizontal: ±1.5m
SDK PX4 ,Ardupilot
PWM I/O Ports 8 PWM port, 6 servo I/O
Data Storage Built-in data recorder
Remote Parameter Adjustment Set new parameters using telemetry
Assistant software Mission planner, AeroGCS, Q ground control
Android App Q ground control, Tower
iOS App Q ground control
Propulsion systems All
Supported Multi-rotor Any ardupilot or px4 frame
Other supported vehicles Rover and UGVs
Supported ESC Normal ESC,One shot,Brush ESC,Dshot ESC,flame type ESC
Battery 3S to 6S LiPo (Recommended)
Radio PPM, S-BUS or D-BUS (Recommended)
Supported Peripherals ADS-B Receiver, Battery Monitors (aka Power Modules), Barometer (external), BuzzerCameras & Gimbals, Companion Computers, Crop Sprayer, Display (Onboard), ESCs and Motors, Fuel Flow and Level Sensors, GPS/Compass, Grippers, Joystick or Gamepad, Landing Gear/ Retractable Camera Mount, LEDs (external), Multiple Radio Control Receivers, Non-GPS navigation, On-Screen Display (OSD), Optical Flow Sensor, Parachute, Power Tether, PPM Encoder, Precision Landing and Loiter (IRLock), Rangefinders (Sonar, Lidar), Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI), Relay Switch, RPM Sensor, Safety Switch, Servos, Telemetry Radio, UAVCAN Adapter Node, Firmware, Video, Winch

Package Details

  1. Quick start guide
  2. AeroFC
  3. C type USB cable
  4. Buzzer
  5. Safety switch
  6. 3M Tape
  7. Mounting screws
  8. I2C cable
  9. I2C PCB
  10. Power module and cable
  11. GPS


Connection Diagram

Power your drones with AeroFC Autopilot

and experience autonomous flights at ease

Watch in-flight videos of AeroFC on different UAV airframes & configurations.

RPAS Flight Videos

AeroFC Autopilot on Fixed Wing Plane

Position Hold with Strong Resistance

Autonomous Mode with AeroFC - Quad rotor

Autonomous Flight with AeroFC

Stabilized Mode with AeroFC Autopilot

Position Hold with AeroFC

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